1. Establish initial contact with the student and clarify mentor responsibilities

2. Understand study goals of the student and how that fits with the life goals of the student.

3. Guide student set goals to complete the study.

4. Provide guidence and lead to manage time in order to achieve goals

5. Help student to document annual goals

6. Provide coaching and any assistance relating to student's study difficulties

7. Advice students to eliminate any bottle necks in the study process

8. Always respond to students needs and requests insted of spoon feeding the student

9. Organise group study/coaching sessions if need exists

10.Prime goal of the mentor is to be a positive support to facilitate learning and complete the course to the goal set by the student.

11.Relationship of the mentor and the students should reach highest standard of integrity expected by the immediate family of the student and surrounding church community.

12. It will be necessary for mentors to sign a document which declares a refrain from abuse of people as required by the NSW government. This will be provided to you separately by the Administrator.

For extra guidance to understand a mentoring role please read the attached presentation clicking the link below: