At Leadcentre we hold some values as important to us. You will be able to read this in the 'About us' section of the website. Caring for you is our first priority. We want you to succeed. Your information with is protected with SSL incryption. Your information will not be shared or sold to any advertising sources. Leadcentre exist to enhance value in you. Our mentors are aware of this and have their commitment for this cause. Leadcentre will draw out the best quality in you. If you lack study skills our mentors will impart them to you. Not all our students are born with the planning and execution traits. We tend to live in a circular life cycle day by day or week by week. Leadcentre can help you to look further down to you career and discover what God desires as his purpose for your life. When you have Discovered this and your own strengths, Leadcentre can help you to draw up a Road map to take this path to achieve that purpose. When your eyes are set focused on the end purpose, your life cannot be the same. Your circular life style cannot be sustained. It all, begins with a small sacrifice. At the end, it will worth it.