As you begin your first course with Leadcentre, we want you to support you in completing the course successfully. We do not wish to under estimate the task ahead of you and guarantee no paths overlaid with roses. All sacrifices will reap its reward. We have appointed a mentor to help you when your face hard times in your journey. Stretch our to them when you need an help. They are mature in the knowledge and practice of the word of God and been successful in their own careers by setting goals for themselves and achieving them despite challenges thrown at them. They will be glad to share their experience with you so that you can be successful. The mentor will help you set realistic goals ahead of you and assist you in the execution process. They are available to you but they will not seek you. When you seek their help they will go out of their way to help you succeed. Therefore, enjoy the journey. Hurdles will come. Overcome them with the assistance from your mentor. We wish you the very best and God's favour.