Every course has its pre-requisites. This is to ensure that you have learnt the necessary skills to undertake and complete the course you wish to undertake. We in Leadcentre are guided by the policies of our course provider with regard to the pre-requisites. Usually a student applying to do a particular course should have successfully completed a next lower award. i.e a student who want to pursue a Diploma course should have already qualified in a certificate course and another student who want to do a course with a Masters award must have completed a Bachelors award. Such pre-requisite award should have been achieved in a equivalent or higher educational institution. If you are in doubt, please state you pre-requisite qualification in detail in your applications. The course administrator will review and advice you of the decision of the Leadcentre. The qualification which you should have, need not be restricted to Theologically based award. Any recognised academic equivalent award in a recognised learning institution will be acceptable. If you have any doubts on this please feel free to ask the administrator by e-mail.