Many people live their lives not discovering God's purpose for their lives. God made us unique and planned the good work to be achieved by us even before the beginning (Eph 2:10). That good work becomes God's purpose for our creation. Leadcentre cannot discover that purpose for you. However, Leadcentre mentors can guide you to help you discover and achieve that vision of your life. The process takes 5 stages.

D - DIscovering the gifting God had put into your life and help discover the need in the community that gift will fill.

R - Road-mapping the process involves establishing milestones to be achieved in the path of the Vision and planning actions to move forwards in that direction.

I - Integrate the plan into the structures in the community around us.

V - Validate the plan in the presence of God and counsel of man.

E - Execute the plan to achieve the vision. Be bold to keep validating the process with God on your way.