What is a certified document?
When you provide us with a scanned copy or photocopy of an original document, we require the copy to be “certified” by an authorised officer to show that it is an authentic copy of the original document. Please see below for a list of people who are authorised to certify documents both within and outside Australia.
How to certify
The authorised officer must:
• Sight the original document and write on the copy “This is a true copy of the original documents sighted by me”;
• Sign and print their name;
• Provide an address and contact telephone number;
• State their profession or occupation group (as below);
• Write the date certified; and
• Stamp the copy with the official stamp or seal of their organisation (if they have one). If the stamp includes details requested above such details need not be re-written.
Who can certify documents?
Within Australia
• The Admissions Office or Student Administration of any Australian Learning Institution
• The administration office of any TAFE College
• A Justice of the Peace
• An Accountant (who is a member of the Institute of Charted Accountants in Australia, CPA Australia, National Institute of Accountants, Association of Taxation and Management Accountants, or a Registered Tax Agent).
• The official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents
• An Australian overseas diplomatic mission; Australian Education Centre; Notary Public