Exemption credit awards
Some students may have prior study that makes them eligible for Advanced Standing. This is also known as Credit and/or Exemption. They can be awarded credit awards.
Students may be eligible for Exemption, if they have completed study from any other equivalent Learning Institutions, or a study conducted by a recognised teaching institution, or have completed a Diploma or higher within the last 10 years. In some cases recognition of prior learning, such as relevant work experience, may also make a student eligible for Advanced Standing.
If you have indicated on your application that you would like to be considered for advanced standing, please ensure you have submitted your Academic Transcript stating each unit you have completed. Initially, you do not need to provide a course syllabus or other documentation. If required, the LeadCentre Adminsration Officer will contact you or your education agent to request further information.


Credit reduces the number of points required to finish your particular course. For example, a normal Bachelor qualification requires a student to complete 72 points. If a student is given credit, this reduces the number of points the student need to graduate for the degree he/she has enrolled in. Essentially this means the Learning Institution has recognised that they have completed some of the requirements of the course already and therefore they are credited with this prior completion. Students still need to complete all the required units for their course.


Exemption may be granted when a student’s prior studies significantly overlaps the content of one or more of their required units.
For example, if a student has completed the equivalent course of Certificate of Theology at University of Jerusalem in a different institution in their prior studies, they could be exempted from having to complete this UJ Certificate of Theology Course offered in the LeadCentre. Bear in mind that regardless of the amount of credit awarded, a student must still complete all the core units required in their degree unless they have been specifically exempted from certain units.

Adminisration Officer

Advanced Standing is assessed by our Administration Officer. To make a telephone appointment with the Administration Officer provide the following information by email in the Contact Us section of the LeadCentre website:
Your First Name, Other Names & Surname
Course you intend applying for
Subject or subjects you are seeking exemption
The prior qualification your exemption request is based on
Subjects you have completed as the basis for your exemption
Any other supporting comments for your exemption request